• 31700

    Jolly White (6 L.)
  • 31705

    Jolly Anthracite (6 L.)
  • 31710

    Jolly Light Gray (6 L.)
  • 31715

    Jolly Metalic Gray (6 L.)
  • Jolly, waste bin can be hung on the outside of cabinet door or used on the kitchen counter. After closing the cabinet door, the bin gets in line with the kitchen counter so that waste can be directly thrown in to the waste bin.
  • Jolly, waste bin has a capacity of 6 liters. It’s ergonomic and easy to use. Waste bin’s size is suitable to store inside the cabinet when not in use.
  • It can be easily cleaned in the dish-washer or sink.
  • Waste bin is equipped with a lid which is odor-proof and hygenic. The most important feature of Jolly waste bin is hanger system that has three sides.
  • This feature prevents that it hits to the handle and also allows the waste bin to be hung in small cabinet width.
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